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About us

The Shalhevet Learning Community is a one-on-one-based learning program, connecting Jews from all over the world and from different backgrounds through our most basic common denominator: our Jewish heritage.

This program of Torah study is designed to answer Rabbi Steinsaltz's call for deep Torah learning and a desire to connect and know our heritage.

The program emphasizes acquiring tools for independent study, personal connection, and individual learning needs.

Shalhevet aims to build a community comprised of men and women from diverse backgrounds across the globe, brought together through Torah learning.

What's it all about? 

An Hour-long, one-on-one learning session once a week, with an Israeli partner, through ZOOM, on the topic and time that suits you both.

How Do I Get a Partner (Chevruta)? 

You sign up and answer a short questionnaire that will help us pair you with the right Chevruta. The pairing process is done with the utmost attention and care.

Rabbi Steinsaltz
The Shalhevet Staff

The Shalhevet Staff

Rabbi Gavriel Michel Falk

Rabbi Gavriel Michel Falk

Rosh Yeshiva of the Steinsaltz Yeshiva and founder of the Shalhevet program

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Ariel Wilchfort

Director of Shalhevet

Natan _edited.png

Natan Gesundheit

Program advisor and Leader of the

Prayer track

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Reut Madar

Leader of the Weekly Parsha track


From the news

From the news

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