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Hello and welcome to the Prayer Track!   In this track we will dive into the words we say all of our lives, and try to see what they mean to us. We are so used to saying those words, usually in song, or in a fast mode, that we didn't have the chance to slow down and think of them, read them critically, and connect to their simple meaning in our prayer. We will try to be kids. To explore the meaning of what we say as if it is the first time that we are reading it. I invite you to come to this learning with bold new eyes. The guiding questions will help you discuss and notice issues that rise from the text, but you don't have to use them. If you are able to unfold the meaning behind the text and start a discussion of your own – that is great as well. We started last year with the daily prayer. New participants are invited to start from the beginning. For those who have learned in Shalhevet in the past year, this year we will learn about the Shabbat rituals, and specifically – the Shabbat Prayer. Of course, new participants are invited to learn about Shabbat prayer as well. Good luck to everyone! May our learning help us feel closer to God and to our ancient prayers.


Hi, nice to meet you!

My name is Natan Gesundheit, and I will be leading this year's prayer learning.

I am a teacher, and a translator & editor. I currently serve as the Rabbi of Mamlo, sweden.

I've been a life long student of Rabbi Steinslatz, learned in his Yeshivas and taught in his schools.

I was an ambassador in the Steinsaltz Mekor Chaim ambassadors program in NJ, and later was in charge of the program in Israel.

Additionally, I serve as a consultant for the Shalhevet program.

I live in Malmo, Sweden. I am married to Shir, and a father to three sweet little children.

For any question or concerns, you can reach me at:



Natan Gesundheit

Prayer Track Leader:

Natan Gesundheit

Examples of learning material in the Prayer Track

Prayer Track

Blessings of the Shema

True and Firm

Forth meeting

Prayer Track

ברכות קריאת שמע

אמת ויציב

מפגש רביעי

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